World of Tanks removes Paris map as sign of respect

World of Tanks is rolling out version 9.12 today (November 17), but the update comes without one long-promised map. Gamers had been hanging out for a chance to play new Rampage mode in two European cities, but following recent events, the military sim is heading to Germany and not France.

World of Tanks - Ravaged Capital

World of Tanks – Ravaged Capital

The official word from a representative is simple:

Due to the recent events in Paris, Wargaming has removed the Paris-inspired map, “Ravaged Capital”, from Update 9.12. Our thoughts are with those affected, all over the world.

While most fans understand the reasoning behind its removal, some are quite upset that they won’t get their hands on the Paris map this week, and others are claiming that it is a sign of the terrorists winning.

It’s not known yet what will happen to Ravaged Capital. Some sources suggest that the map may receive an overhaul to remove (among other things) the toppled Eiffel Tower, while others hint that it may be reinstated as-is, in a later patch. The map was designed to be used in both new Rampage formats, Domination and Steel Hunt, so it’s hoped that Wargaming will not scrap it completely.

The remaining new map for the 9.12 update is Berlin, which hosts 10v10 Domination matches with one or two flags. It features a half-ruined Reichstag, which developers explain will give “great opportunities for long-range firing”, as well as its obvious aesthetic value.

The Russian World of Tanks site says 9.12 is hitting today, with game servers down between 2:00 and 8:30 GMT (What’s that in my timezone?). The North American and Asian websites mention no such thing – so if you’re a Tanker, proceed with caution. There might be a compulsory update waiting for you the next time you log in.

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