Ronda Rousey struck by EA Sports cover curse

Looks like the EA Sports curse has struck again, just days after the big reveal of the label’s next cover star. Mixed martial arts powerhouse Ronda Rousey will grace the cover of UFC 2, but it seems to have come at the expense of her undefeated status.

Rousey – the first female global cover athlete for an EA Sports game – was undefeated in her first 12 MMA fights, winning 11 of them in the first round. However, in the title fight to this weekend’s UFC 193 tournament, her untarnished record was shattered in the second round by a well-placed kick from challenger Holly Holm.

Last year’s EA Sports UFC release featured Jon “Bones” Jones on the cover – shortly before the MMA star was arrested on hit and run charges, something which saw him suspended from the UFC and stripped of his championship belt.

It’s a new variation on the well-known “Madden Curse“, which has seen cover stars playing terrible seasons or suffering serious injury throughout the course of the year. Hopefully this current streak is pure coincidence, but two for two doesn’t look good.

Building on the success of last year’s release, UFC 2 will launch in early 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. We’re promised a new physics-driven hit-reaction and knockout system, independent fighter control during grappling, some impressively next-level submissions, better defensive head movement (which could have saved Rousey on Sunday), and – of course – a killer fighter lineup with all the usual motion capture and stunning fighter likenesses.

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