Indie platformer Fenix Rage forced to change name after copyright claim

Indie developer Green Lava Studios has been asked very nicely to please change the name of its upcoming game. The 2D action platformer is still headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after a successful run on PC, but it will be known as …something else.

“Due to legal reasons,” the letter reads, the studio can no longer call its game Fenix Rage after an “unmentioned game corporation” has claimed specific naming rights to one of the words in the title. (Fenix, it seems, is okay.)

As you may noticed Fenix Rage will have a different name on PS4 and Xbox One. This is not because of our team or any technical issues, but rather a huge game company registered the trademark “RAGE” in Costa Rica. Then, their Costa Rican based lawyers sent us a cease and desist letter, forcing us to change the name for console launch on PS4 and Xbox One. While we could have gone to a legal battle on this, we don’t have the resources or the army of lawyers they have… and it would’ve been a big waste of development time. But they are letting us keep the name “Fenix Rage” on Steam. So we got that going for us!

As for the game itself: Fenix is a sweet and adorable blocky creature whose village has been decimated by a huge explosion. Now, the cute little dude is one of just two survivors – the other is his mysterious enemy Oktarus – and Fenix is a bit cranky – presumably, much like Green Lava.

You (and Fenix) must then track down the shadowy villain through nine worlds, defeat hundreds of minions (and a handful of “righteously brutal” bosses), and return order and harmony to his world.

…that is, just as soon as the studio picks a new name for his adventures.



Q: So, a video game company is copyrighting the word “Rage”?
A: We didn’t say that, but seems that way, yes.

Q: That’s pretty lame, don’t you think?
A: There’s evidently a price for lameness that we can’t afford. But thankfully at Green Lava our awesomeness is relatively inexpensive.

Q: Fenix Ra…, er, your game was pretty awesome, how are you making it more so for PS4 and Xbone?
A: More info about what’s new in the upcoming Fenix game will be announced soon, but we definitely made gameplay tuning changes based on all the great feedback from players.

Q: Do you guys need a hug?
A: We’re OK, but… yes, hugs. And cookies.

The tiny, three-man team at Green Lava is “disappointed” by the legal drama, but says the game will still hit consoles this holiday season under a new moniker. You can still play Fenix Rage on PC, apparently released before the other studio got cranky about it.

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