Support Australia’s first queer geek and gaming convention – GX Australia

GX Australia needs your help. The country’s first queer geek and gaming convention is set to hit Sydney in February 2016, and in order to make the dream a reality, they’re looking for a little financial support.

It’s all being put together by Liam Esler (Event Manager of Game Connect Asia Pacific and renowned selfie review author) and Joshua Meadows (organiser of Sydney Gaymers, Australia’s largest queer gaming group), with help from Matt Conn and the international GaymerX team at MidBoss.

Meadows explains:

We’re incredibly excited to be working with MidBoss in the United States to bring GaymerX to Australia. Both Liam and myself are incredibly passionate about making GX Australia a space for everyone regardless of identity, and we hope to create one of Australia’s best events for gamers and geeks of all stripes!

Special guests (Bosses of Honour) announced so far include industry veterans Chris Avellone (Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2) and Tim Cain (Fallout, Pillars of Eternity), as well as Rae Johnston (Australian cosplayer and technology, video game, and social media expert) and local YouTuber AussieGamerChick.

From the FAQ: What if I’m [not gay/don’t play video games/don’t have a console/etc]?

Do you like comics? Sci-fi movies? Fantasy novels? A massive fan of Sense8, or know the Marvel Cinematic Universe inside and out? GX Australia is for you! We’re a celebration of everything geeky and nerdy, whatever that means to you! If you want to help us in making a safe and inclusive space for everyone, you’re welcome regardless of what your interests are. And you don’t need to be gay to participate — the more diversity, the better!

This is the first time highly successful US convention GaymerX has ventured outside of the US, so we really want GX Australia to go well.

(The San Francisco event was originally revealed as GaymerCon but has since been rebranded as GaymerX before simplifying to just GX to avoid confusion among its audience. Many would-be fans misinterpreted the name as targeting only gay men, or being unwelcoming to people who don’t identify as being part of the LGBT/queer community, which is clearly not the case.)

Organisers are asking for $50,000 to help fund more than 6,000 square metres of expo space in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. For one fabulous weekend in February, the space will be used to showcase cosplay tournaments, vendor stalls, indie games and even more special guests from the world of video games.

If you’re still on the fence, or want to know more about the event, the GX Australia Kickstarter is packed full of helpful information. Pledge rewards start at $1, with earlybird tickets available for $70, a VIP Dinner Tier at $500 and a ridiculous “Final Form” tier for those wanting to throw $8,000 at the event (you’ll get a VIP dinner, party, tshirt, collection of games, digital documentaries and a “special token of thanks” from US GaymerX director Matt Conn).

Player Attack is onboard as media partner – we’d love to see you at GX Australia in February!

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