Battleborn release date pushed back 3 months

So we are a little used to Gearbox projects being pushed back a little, so we shouldn’t be too surprised to find that upcoming release Battleborn is no exception. According to publisher Take-Two’s financial report, this time we are looking at a three-month delay, with a release date of May 3rd.

As usually happens, not much is being said about why it is being delayed, but we can only assume ether it is to avoid a release date similar to another game (not an issue that’s affecting any of the three major games launching next Tuesday), or it is just plain not up to scratch yet. I for one would much rather have a game delayed than have a dodgy release which happens far too often these days.

Battleborn is a little bit MOBA, a little bit first person shooter and a lot colorful, it will be out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC… in May… hopefully.

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