Farewell, games.on.net

Long-running Australian gaming website games.on.net has officially been axed by parent company, TPG, one of the country’s largest ISPs. The news comes following a financial review that determined gaming content “does not fit into the future plans for the iiNet Group”.

Closing down, November 30

Closing down, November 30

The official announcement confirmed rumours that had started circling over the weekend, but also squashed others. While the website, including forums, will be shuttered on November 30, game servers will remain active until “sometime in 2016”. More interestingly, iiNet’s Freezone content will remain unchanged, meaning if you have an eligible broadband connection, you will still be able to download unmetred content from Steam and Xbox Live and other Freezone content.

games.on.net was launched as the Internode Games Network in 2002 by Kingsley Foreman and Leigh Hart – Leigh has since left the games industry, but Kingsley is onboard here at Player Attack, working tirelessly behind the scenes (and behind the camera). GON is also where I got my start writing about video games – simply put, without that site, there would be no Player Attack!

Kingsley is currently in Japan covering the World of Tanks Pacific Rumble, but he’ll share his thoughts when he has a chance.

In the meantime, the announcement from TPG has prompted a significant change for Player Attack: We now have forums again, created to offer the GON community a new place to call home. They’re ridiculously “under construction” at this point (again, Japan), but some great conversations are already popping up.

Welcome one and all – it’s great to see you again!

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