Blizzard’s Overwatch beta is now a gogo!

Get hyped Blizzard fans, the Overwatch beta- the developers  new fast-paced team shooter- is now live in North America and Europe for those lucky enough to get in. Invites to the beta, in this case, aren’t really invites in the traditional sense, instead with Blizzard flagging random accounts in 2 waves, with those picked having an Overwatch Beta license appearing under their game accounts.

“As a reminder, our primary objective for the Closed Beta is to get focused, hands-on gameplay feedback, so the number of participants in this phase of the beta will be relatively small as a result (though we will continue to add more people throughout its duration),” according to this afternoon’s post about the beta. “From time to time, we’ll also be hosting Beta Test Weekends, during which bigger groups of players will be called on to stress-test our hardware and help make sure it’s ready for launch. Look for more information on these testing opportunities in the near future.”


So keep checking your account Blizzard fans, the odds could be in your favor.

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