Like COD? Like beer? Well, have you met Black Hops?

With the target demographic age for Triple A games now unarguably above 12, Doritos and Mountain Dew cross promotions just ain’t as cool as they once were; no matter now much advertising budget they expend to convince you otherwise.  We’re grown ups now. We’ve mastered complex motor control.  We’re sophisticated, articulate, and can occasionally hold back hurtful comments online. Damn it, give us something to undo all of that in about 48 fluid ounces! Enter beer. Delicious, nutritious and now, thanks to fancy craft breweries, a somewhat classy excuse for waking up in the gutter. Coming hot off the heels of the crisp looking Fallout Beer announced yesterday, we now also have a Black Ops III brew.


It's fancy because it's in black and white...

It’s fancy because it’s in black and white…


This appropriately dark looking ale is from the vats of Aussie local boys, Black Hops Brewing. Their sales pitch is simple and to the point: “3 guys making Gold Coast craft beer and sharing everything we learn along the way. ” The lads have quite a few different and damn fine sounding beers available at a bunch of places around Brisbane, with the Pink Mist standing out to me as something I need to imbibe. Check out their full listing and availability here.


What’s it taste like? How heavy is it? Where can you get it? These are all really good questions, with the only information we know so far being a question in the form of the hashtag #AREYOUREADYBOIII.

Mmmm, advertising.

Mmmm, advertising.


You know what? I believe I am hashtag. I believe I hashtag am.

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