Which poem won that three-day pass to PAX Australia?

Wow, you guys! Who knew there were so many gamer poets among us? We had an amazing number of entries submitted by people wanting to win tickets to PAX Australia in Melbourne this weekend, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

They're happy to see you!

They’re happy to see you!

The winning poem encapsulated the spirit of PAX Australia, wrapped up in rhyming couplets. We hope you check out the exhibitions and the tournaments (and yes, even the talks), meet fabulous new people, and make the most of your three-day pass to this year’s event!

Without further ado: Congratulations to Lisa Ferlazzo!

When I was a kid and bought my first game,
All the other kids laughed and thought I was lame.
So I turned to new friends like Sonic and Donkey Kong,
And I consumed every game from Half-Life to Pong.
Unlike most other girls, I’m not into fashion,
All through my life, I’ve had a gaming passion.
And now here comes PAX, a gaming celebration,
One I consider the best Melbourne creation.
I started saving up money, keen to attend,
But then Saturday sold out and now I’m at a dead end.
For me, PAX stands for all that is good in my life,
After all, gaming has always kept me from strife.
Of the three day event, I’d attend every day,
There isn’t one thing that I’d want taken away.
The exhibitions, the tournaments, even the talks,
And I’d love being around fellow game-obsessed dorks.
So now all my hopes lie with you, Player Attack,
Can you grant me a wish so I can join the pack?
I’d love to roam free and be my true self,
And maybe, just maybe, I’ll dress like an elf.

Special acknowledgement to Dancer Vesperman, Paige Lancaster and Cameron Adams – I wish we had more prizes to give away!

Stay tuned to Player Attack – we’ve got some more great competitions on the horizon… (this poetry thing was kinda fun, don’t you think?)

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