Meet your new Big Buck champion

The world has a new Big Buck world champion, as Trev Gartner has won back his title at the tournament in Chicago. It seems that game you play when down the pub and slightly tipsy actually has a serious following, with more than 200,000 fans tuning into the live Twitch stream from all over the world – a new record for arcade gaming eSports!

Trev Gartner at the Big Buck World Championships

Trev Gartner at the Big Buck World Championships

Gartner walks away a winner, says Jessica Petro, head of social media and PR at developer Play Mechanix:

Trev will be partying tonight with his $15,000 check, massive trophy and bragging rights, of course.

Gartner is the first video game athlete to have won the championship twice – he also held the title back in 2013 before challenger Skippy Tower snuck in to win in 2014. This year, Skippy had to settle for 2nd, taking home US$7,500 in the process.

A slightly sour note from the competition: The women’s tournament was also held over the weekend, crowing Sara Erlandson the winner. Unlike Gartner, who walks out with US$15,000, Sara gets just $5,000 – a marked step-up from the $2k she got for last years’ competition.

We’re not quite sure what Gartner (or Sara) will do with the trophy, but we’re hoping the money goes somewhere other than straight back into arcade machines down the pub.

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