Dota 2 fans, need another reason to get Fallout 4?

Question: what’s better than a regular ol’ match of Dota 2? After typing that sentence I realize it’s a rather open ended question, so let me answer it for you. A match where the default announcer is now Mister Handy, the robotic companion from Fallout 4!


He's so delightful!

He’s so delightful!


The announcer pack for the ridiculously popular MOBA will be included with Steam copies of Fallout 4, with the pack expected to be available sometime in mid-November.


This isn’t the first time Dota 2 has dabbled with different announcer voices, having already featured the dulcet tones of characters from The Stanley Parable, Bastion and Adult Swim favorite Rick and Morty.


Fallout 4 will be hitting PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 10.

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