Holy shit! Australian PlayStation Store actually has a decent sale!

If it wasn’t obvious enough from my language in the the article title, I’m actually the good kind of surprised by the AUS PS Store for once. In a day that seems to be full of sales across all of the platforms and distribution services, the PS Store is dedicating its self to discounting a metric crap tonne of horror games, just in time for the traditional non-celebration of Australian Halloween!

ps horror


The deals include just about anything and everything containing gore, viscera, zombies or even the hint of a pumpkin.

Just to throw a few out there that have caught my eye:

  • The PS one Resident Evil classics are all $5.98
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is $7.48
  • Until Dawn (our review’s here if you want a peek) is $55.97
  • Bloodborne (one of the best game son the PS4) is $53.57
  • Alien: Isolation is $18.71

And that’s like five games out of about 100. If you’re a fan of horror, good games or just throwing away money like you’re Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, have a good long gander!





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