Land Sliders downloaded more than 1m times on iOS – that’s Prettygreat!

Luke Muscat is the man behind smartphone smash Fruit Ninja – and it looks like his new game might turn out just as popular. Land Sliders, created by a team of former Halfbrick developers, hit iOS just a few weeks ago, and it’s already been downloaded more than one million times.



The game is – like all good games are – disturbingly simple on the surface. You literally slide the world around underneath your character’s feet, as you help them collect objects and avoid enemies. The maps are procedurally generated, and are different with every single playthrough, with some levels featuring snow and lava as well as sand and grass. The creative bit is the characters themselves – if you’ve ever wanted to play as a boulder, a joystick or a cheese grater, this is the one for you. (Making it even better? Each character wants to collect something different – a UFO collects cows, a developer collects paperwork…)

The latest Halloween-themed update for the game is a collaboration with Tim Schafer’s Double Fine – Wren and Reynold from Costume Quest have joined the Land Slider team, as well as a zombie, sarcophagus and Ms. Calavera (celebrating Dia de los Muertos).

Success came quickly to developer Prettygreat – within just a few days of Land Sliders’ launch, the game was zooming up the charts, overtaking games like Angry Birds 2 and picking up an Editor’s Choice label seemingly without trying.

We’ve barely managed to get beyond level 2, but this video shows someone doing much better at it:

…and if this milestone wasn’t already good enough for the Brisbane-based team, yesterday was developer Luke Muscat’s birthday, which beautifully coincides with his game hitting the 1,000,000 download mark. Happy birthday, Luke! Congratulations, Prettygreat!

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