Pokémon meets Fallout? What is Skourge Legacy?

Skourge Legacy

Skourge Legacy

Rumours have long been swirling around the Perth development scene that Something Big was in the works. A video game / tv series / toy line triple attack described as “Pokemon meets Fallout with a 90’s vibe”. Now, that Something is real: Skourge Legacy will be fully revealed at PAX Australia next week – and we’ve got some details already.

Creator and director Wade K. Savage – who also made the live-action Fallout film tribute Fallout: Lanius has been working on Skourge Legacy for years:

This project means a lot to me. I’ve never been more invested in something. Our panel will be a laid back introduction to something I’ve spent a long time on, and can’t wait to make a huge cultural phenomenon one day.

The panel Savage is referring to is Skourge Legacy: Monsters and Danger in a Post Apoc World, held on Friday October 30 at 10:30pm in the Dropbear Theatre at PAX Australia. That’s where the wraps will finally be taken off, and the audience given a sneaky peek at gameplay, characters, and the overall world of Skourge Legacy.

The game itself is a 2D side-scrolling brawler, drawing inspiration from not only Pokémon but also Miyazaki and HP Lovecraft, making for some pretty intense monsters in a colourful, vibrant world.

After a cataclysmic event unleashes a horde of amazing creatures onto the planet, the earth is forever changed. These Skourge Creatures transform everything we know about the world around us. Three kids must now adventure across a ruined land in hope of something better – keeping each other safe as they do so.

We don’t know too many details just yet – like what platforms we’ll be able to play the game on, what the tv series will look like, or when we can get our hands on those toys, but we’re guessing more will be revealed at PAX Australia, so stay tuned!

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