New patch introduces female zombies to H1Z1

H1Z1 has been refreshed with a bunch of new features from Daybreak Games, including the long-overdue addition of a female zombie. There’s also a new medical facility for you to explore, ATVs for you to drive, and a new Item Exchange System for you to get cool stuff.

The H1Z1 ladyZombie has been voiced by Twitch streamer LegendaryLea, and you might find her lurking around the unique facility known as Kurama Medical, which features content loops both inside and out.

Along with medicines and supplies, players can piece together the stories of those who sought refuge in the hospital during its final days before it was overrun and abandoned. Following these clues will offer not only insight into the fall of Kurama Medical, but also useful items to help players avoid the unfortunate fates of those trapped inside.

The new ATVs add a new complexity to gameplay, but these are not Popemobiles. They’ll help you traverse the vast landscape, but will leave you exposed – safety not guaranteed.

We’re particularly intrigued by H1Z1‘s new Item Exchange system, though. You’ll be able to bundle items together and trade them for even rarer treasures – some ultra-rare bits and pieces will only be available through the system. And if you don’t want to deal with people, sniff around a bit, there are new Mercenary Crates added to the game too – these can contain the new ghillie suits (and corresponding skins) as well as “ultra rare” skins for one of the most popular Battle Royale weapons, the AR15.

For the full patch notes, head to Reddit (no, really!), or just jump right into the game. Remember, H1Z1 is free-to-play, and we’ve got a neat preview for you, in case you’re curious.

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