Check out these panels at PAX Australia

As the PAX Australia website thoughtfully points out, it’s just 16 days until the celebration of gaming culture touches down in Melbourne for a third year. Want to know what’s on show over the weekend? The official panel lineup has just been released, and there’s more than enough to keep everybody happy.

Here's what you need to know.

Here’s what you need to know.

There are more than 120 panels on offer this year across the three days of the event, and more international guests popping up than ever before. We’re promised “the most entertaining, diverse and invormative range of talks, debates and shows” in PAX AUS‘ three-year history. Plenty of these are going to be packed out, so figure out what you want to see and then draw up your plan of attack!

Firstly, the Player Attack team are appearing on a handful of panels across the weekend. Jessica Citizen is hosting the Aussie Indie Showcase Panel at 6:30pm on Saturday, showing off some of the best local games.

After that, you can rush over to catch Adelaide Naylor and Jimmy the Geek who are Exploring the Reality of “Fake” Geeks from 7:30pm, and join Jimmy and Liam for the late, late night 10:30pm session of Sex & The Modern Geek. (Liam’s actually on a whole stack of panels, too many for us to list here!)

Across the rest of the weekend, here are ten panels we’re particularly interested in:

10:30am: Storytime with Warren Spector
This guy’s got some good stories. Stay a while and listen.

1:30pm: Designing Video Games for Orang-utans
(No, really… it’s exactly what it sounds like!)

5:00pm: Life After Death: What Happens When Studios & Publishers Die
…it’s inevitable, and – in Australia, at least – all-too frequent.

7:30pm: From Gears of War to LEGO: Deconstructing Game Cinematics
Local Sydney studio Plastic Wax shedding some light on just how they make such beautiful work.

10:30am: Australian STEM Video Game Challenge: Sensational Student Showcase!
Primary school-aged game developers. This is the future.

12:00pm: How Can We Save Australia’s Early Games History?
This is a must-watch for anyone interested in our local history.

1:30pm: Boss Level: Meet the Brains in Charge of the Aussie Games Industry
In case you were curious who was behind the scenes.

2:00pm: The Personal Creation Story of Unravel
Martin Sahlen from Coldwood is in Australia to talk about Yarny!

12:00pm: Computer Games Classification – The Australian Way
Shedding some light on just how the process works.

3:00pm: Player vs Father Time
Gaming doesn’t stop just because your age starts with a 4… or something higher.

PAX Australia 2015 kicks off on October 30, and runs until November 1. It’s all taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you haven’t already got tickets, be quick. Three-day passes and Saturday single-day passes have sold out completely, but there are still some available for Friday and Sunday – and you can buy them in selected stores as well as online.

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