Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson join Star Citizen

With the ridiculous stacks of cash being thrown at Star Citizen, it’s no surprise that the team at Cloud Imperium Games has been able to put together a stunning lineup of voice actors. Somehow, we were still surprised at just who‘s on board for the space sim.

The announcement was part of this weekend’s CitizenCon (sadly not a celebration of me), and it took more than a few people by surprise.

Actor Gary Oldman will take a starring role in Star Citizen‘s story mode, Squadron 42. He’ll be joined by John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Mark Hamill, Rhona Mitra and Gillian Anderson, among others. The Squadron 42 website reveals that Oldman will play Admiral Ernest Bishop, while the others are “Redacted” at this stage.

StarCitizen-Squadron42-04 StarCitizen-Squadron42-05 StarCitizen-Squadron42-06
(Click to embiggen)

We were also shown some new screenshots from the single-player campaign, and given a few scant details about what’s in store.

If you missed the CitizenCon livestream, or simply want to watch again, you can do that right here.

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