iOS games are disappearing from the App Store

It looks like the introduction of iOS 9 has caused more than a few headaches for game developers, with Capcom, EA, Sega and 2K forced to pull their games from the App Store due to incompatibilities.

BioShock on iOS

BioShock on iOS

Fans first noticed that the iPhone version of BioShock had disappeared, with 2K explaining that developers were hard at work trying to fix a compatibility issue that made the game unplayable on iOS versions 8.4 or higher.

The iOS 9 conflict can present in a number of ways, from minor audio glitches or loss of sound all the way up to major crashes.

Now, Telltale has removed The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, Sam and Max and Jurassic Park, announcing that it is “aware of the issue” – and they’re not alone.

The team at PocketGamer has put together a list of games affected by the Appocalypse, and it’s quite a lengthy read.

But it’s not quite as simple as that. Other developers have been removing titles from the App Store for a variety of reasons – EA recently cleaned house to make way for “new and exciting titles”, which means classics like the original Flight Control and Real Racing games are no longer available for download.

If you’ve already bought the games and still have them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you won’t notice anything different. If you bought the games but deleted them from your device, you won’t be able to re-download them until the publisher in question reinstates the games on the App Store (which, in some cases, they simply may not). If you had never bought the game, you’ve missed out forever. Simple.

Hopefully, these iOS 9 issues are resolved sooner rather than later, and your gaming library is reinstated – but in the meantime, maybe don’t delete your favourite games, just in case. If you want to really make sure your games are safe, you could always backup your purchases and store them on your PC.

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