Rock Band 4 hits launch woes in Australia

We featured Rock Band 4 in this week’s episode of Player Attack, but if you just can’t get enough, we’ve got some more for you! Sure, some of it’s bad news, but there’s a great new trailer, so it evens out, right?

Rock Band 4 is out now in various territories, but unfortunately (as we all expected), Australia isn’t one of them. Instead, while the game was supposed to launch today, it’s been pushed back to October 15.

We’re not sure why the game’s been delayed, but we’re just grateful it’s only a week or so rather than the ridiculous waits we’ve been treated to in the past. That said, we’re not so grateful for the pricing Down Under: The Rock Band 4 Band in a Box bundle costs US$249.95 in the United States… and a whopping AU$499.95 in Australia. (The US price converts to around AU$353 at today’s exchange rate, in case you were curious.)

However, you can buy an electronic copy of the game, if you just want to re-use all your old plastic guitars. Rock Band 4 is available via the Australian PlayStation Network. However, while other locations are happily re-downloading their legacy Rock Band DLC on PS4, Australians have been left hanging, with none (yet) available online.

Win some / lose some… hopefully this will all settle down by October 15 and we Aussies can get our groove on!

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