Subscribe to Humble Monthly Bundle for great indie games

We all love getting stuff. We all particularly love getting stuff delivered that we’ve all-but forgotten about, right? Well, Humble is here to help. The company’s kicking off a new gaming subscription service that will deliver you a hand-picked selection of games each month, and you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

The Humble Monthly Bundle (what else would it be called?) seems inspired by programs like Loot Crate. All games will be playable via Steam, but will occasionally also be available on additional platforms (we’re guessing Linux and Mac). Each bundle will unlock on the first Friday of every month, starting November 6.

However, we all know you’re impatient, so you won’t actually have to wait that long. Subscribing now will net you a key for Legend of Grimrock 2, which you can play while you wait.

If you haven’t subscribed by the time the games are unlocked (at 11am PST), you’ll miss out on that month’s bundle – and we’re serious about that: You’re unable to purchase bundles from previous months!

Subscriptions for The Humble Monthly Bundle will set you back US$12, with 5% of proceeds supporting charity. You can cancel at any time. For more information (including instructions on how to sign up), head to the Humble Monthly Bundle FAQ!

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