Bloodborne platinum trophy holders rewarded

How many hours did you spend slaving away in Bloodborne? Did you manage to gain them all, achieving the game’s Platinum trophy? If you did, Sony has a present, just for you.

The exclusive new Bloodborne-themed skin

The exclusive new Bloodborne-themed skin

With Bloodborne trophies ranging from the mundane (Acquire a Blood Gem) to the more challenging (Fully upgrade a Weapon) to the somewhat complex (Acquire and consume three One Third of Umbilical Cords before defeating Gehrman), achieving them all required considerable dedication. It’s only fair then that the publisher should offer you something a little more than just bragging rights!

These hardcore fans have started receiving secret codes via email – once redeemed, these codes unlock an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme, which actually looks pretty sweet.

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida has acknowledged that the special skin exists, but warns that (at present at least), it’s only available for European players. Sorry, rest-of-the-world, you’ll have to resort to telling everyone about your adventures.

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