Horror artist Junji Ito was also working on Silent Hills

Guillermo del Toro is just going out of his way to make gamers weep for the loss of Silent Hills, posting that one of Japan’s most prolific horror manga artists was also working on the project before it was cancelled.

from GYO, by Junji Ito

from GYO, by Junji Ito

Del Toro has tweeted that Junji Ito (Tomie, Uzumaki, Gyo) had been brought in to contribute to the horror experience teased by last year’s P.T..

The director has previously described Ito as “highly influential” on his work, fondly remembering meeting the artist in Japan:

He was very very shy, and I kept slapping him on the back, which was not very Japanese. Junji Ito is the only author of comics that has scared the shit out of me. When the shark takes the stairs in GYO, grows the mechanical crab legs chasing them up the stairs, I literally threw away the comic and yelled “NO!” i was so absolutely scared.

For those unfamiliar with Ito’s work, del Toro has posted a handful of images, including the shark with mechanical crab legs, explaining that Silent Hills co-creator Hideo Kojima is also a fan of the artist.

Junji Ito's take on Pokémon

Junji Ito’s take on Pokémon

It would not technically have been Ito’s first video game-related project: Last year, the artist collaborated with The Pokémon Company, contributing a creepy version of in-game character Banette. While we don’t know the nature of his involvement with Silent Hills, we’re daydreaming about what he might have come up with.

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