BioWare hosts geek-chic fashion show at PAX

Not sure how we missed this one, but BioWare hosted a fashion show at PAX Prime, showing off a video game-themed clothing collection that is more than just plain ol’ black printed t-shirts.

BioWare Fashion Show

BioWare Fashion Show

It seems that BioWare community members – fans of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and the studio’s other beloved franchises – have been asking for “more diverse” clothing options, particularly for women. So Associate Marketing Specialist Amanda Klesko and Manager of Business Planning/Development Rob deMontarnal teamed up with ThinkGeek Solutions to come up with a solution.

The team wanted to include iconic BioWare designs, including Shepard’s uniform, Cassandra’s Seeker imagery, Tali’s armour and Leilana’s tunic, building a collection of “practical, affordable, fashion-forward designs” in a variety of sizes and styles.

The result? An eye-catching clothing lineup that hit the catwalk in front of a packed audience at PAX Prime.

Speaking personally, I really like what the studio’s come up with. I am particularly fond of Cassandra’s Seeker dress, the hooded tunic jacket/dresses and what looks like it might be an N7 cardigan? I also would like to thank BioWare for making a “geeky” range of women’s clothing that doesn’t focus entirely on shiny nylon leggings.

And this is not a catwalk-only collection! Some of the new designs are already available on the BioWare store, with more to come.

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