Nine Inch Nails soundtracks survival horror Noct

It might not quite be the same as Trent Reznor creating the soundtrack to Quake, but Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck has contributed music to upcoming multiplayer survival horror game Noct. If that’s enough to intrigue you, here’s a free sample.

Finck is working with musician Worldclock on the evocative 12-track soundtrack, creating the perfect counterpoint to a game that blends RPG survival elements, arcade combat and traditional 2D, top-down visuals.

Noct itself is the name of a desolate wasteland, formed following an apocalyptic purge – and you are one of the few survivors. Rather than viewing the world through your eyes, you can watch the catastrophic new world through a thermal imaging system (via satellite, of course). As you explore the wasteland, you will run into other survivors – some may be friendly and able to discuss the world’s mysterious downfall, while others will fight you for food, ammo or other valuable items.

Finck describes the creative process as a “hair raising experience”:

I was invited into the world of Noct to compliment the established work of Wordclock, and to collaborate, bringing a spirited sense of melody and hope to an utterly devastated terrain, one enshrouded in despair and haunted by… creepy fucking monsters.

  • Scavenge and Survive: Players must scavenge weapons, rations, utility items, and other provisions from the wasteland to survive the harsh world and defend themselves from the evil in the dark.
  • Persistent Online World: The entire game world is persistent. Players may choose to connect to, or host their own world servers that they can adventure in. This allows players to interact with other survivors in Noct if they wish, or make their game experience strictly a solo affair.
  • Unspeakable Horrors: Battle the dozens of nightmares that stalk around in the night and leave their dead carcasses as a warning to others or flee into the wild and leave your fellow companions to satiate your pursuers.

Noct is headed to Windows PC, Mac and Linux from October 22, from indie developer C3SK and publisher Devolver Digital.

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