Star Wars Battlefront beta draws ever closer

EA has told us a little more of what’s in store for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta test, but it’s holding back the one detail everybody wants to know: When it’ll start.

So while we’re still not sure quite how long we’re waiting, we at least know a little more of what we’re waiting for. You’ll be able to play the game both online and off, and if you’re fond of co-op, you can try splitscreen or separate screen (if you’d prefer single-player, that’s an option too). When it comes to locations, the beta will feature Walker Assault on Hoth and Drop Zone on Sullust, and Survival mode on Tatooine.

We don’t have the final details yet, and – according to Star Wars Battlefront community manager Matthew Everett – the development team doesn’t, either. That’s what’s taking so long!

The final date will be announced as soon as we have the final details locked in.

One other important detail that has been confirmed at this early stage: The beta for Star Wars Battlefront will take place on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, regardless of your platform preferences and regardless of your pre-order status. The game launches officially on all three platforms from November 17.

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