Backwards compatibility to hit Xbox One's in November update

That’s right folks, Microsoft’s promise of being able to play your old 360 games on your Xbox One are coming to fruition!
And if you continued reading this article after skimming the title and the first sentence, I’m going to assume that you assume there may be more to this update. Guess what? You’re right!

Such overlay. Much new.

Such overlay. Much new.

The Windows 10-powered “New Xbox One Experience” (to use their fancy monikers) contains a metric tonne of tweaks and updates, so let’s break them down using everyone’s favorite visual aid, bullet points!

Backwards Compatibility: Let’s start with the big one. As soon as the update goes live you’ll be able to play over 100 Xbox 360 games on your shiny black monolith; with hundreds more becoming available in the months after. Ever thought your old favorites needed features like screenshots, streaming and game DVR? Well, now they will. Also you’ll be able to still play multiplayer with your friends who haven’t made the next gen jump. Well played Microsoft. Well played.

New Guide: You will be able to instantly overlay the the guide screen by double tapping the Xbox button on your controller. This will give you instant access to stuff like party making, friends, settings, messages and notifications without leaving the game. You can thank metrics for this one, as these are the features Xbox players use the most.

Redesigned UI: If you’re anything like me, I fucking hated the Xbox UI. It was a confusing pile of hot garbage. Well, apparently not anymore. Microsoft is introducing a faster and more intuitive UI, including having favorite apps and games.

So, if this was TL;DR, the update will bring with it backwards compatibility, new UI and game features being delivered up to 50% faster. Now just to wait for some games worth dusting her off for…

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