Blinky Bill pops up in new Aussie-developed AR app

Australians of a certain age, rejoice: Local developers Quest’s End Games and The Project Factory are working on the official app for Blinky Bill: The Movie. The app will allow fans to enter the world of Blinky Bill and his friends, by adding koalas and other furry creatures to their photos and videos.

It's Blinky Bill!

It’s Blinky Bill!

Nick Young, Lead Programmer on Blinky Bill is not-so-secretly thrilled:

I loved Blinky Bill as a child growing up in Australia, and I feel pretty excited to be sharing this little guy with a new generation of kids in a very new medium that brings him to life like never before. This is the magic of technology meeting the magic of imagination!

More than simply adding virtual stickers to virtual photos, the app will allow you to spin characters around and resize them, before saving your creations to the camera roll. You can expect all the familiar faces from the upcoming film, including Blinky (of course!), as well as Nutsy, Jacko, Crackers, Beryl & Cheryl, Wombo, Cranklepot, Sir Claude and Splodge.

Quest’s End Games is based in Sydney, Australia, and is made up of a bit of a who’s who of former AAA developers. Most notably, team members have worked on LA Noire at Team Bondi, as well as big-name indie releases TownCraft and Particulars. The studio was hand-picked by Flying Bark Productions to create the official app for Blinky Bill: The Movie.

The development team acknowledges they couldn’t do it alone, however, as producer Tima Anoshechkin explains:

Due to different processes of development between movie and games industries, we had to redo the rigs and author our own animations. In order to do that we collaborated with extremely talented AIE students and they produced required rigs and animation under very tight deadline – just 7 weeks.

Blinky BillBlinky Bill: The Movie is hitting cinemas later this month, with True Blood star Ryan Kwanten voicing the mischievous koala.

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