Rainbow Six Siege servers to be hosted in AU

Ubisoft has made Australian gamers very happy with the announcement of dedicated local servers for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The game is set to launch in December for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, and Aussie gamers will be able to play on hardware hosted in Sydney.

Ubisoft Australia MD Edward Fong explains that the Microsoft Azure datacentres will ensure everyone can enjoy an “optimal online experience” at launch.

Local servers have been a priority from day one. It is essential that Australian gamers get to experience the same online environment as players across the globe.

Of course, Microsoft is a bit chuffed that Ubisoft is using their hardware, as Cloud & Enterprise lead Toby Bowers explains:

Ubisoft’s use of Microsoft Azure datacentres in Australia demonstrates Azure’s cross-platform capabilities and is great news for the gaming community who will enjoy the benefits of a locally hosted environment and support.

…and by Day One, the team doesn’t just mean the game’s launch on December 1. Ubisoft has promised us that the datacentres will be “up and running” a little later this month, meaning you’ll be able to play the Rainbow Six: Siege closed beta on Aussie servers, too.

What’s that? You’re not in on the closed beta action? Why not grab a key? Action kicks off September 25, so be ready!

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