First physical ThinkGeek store to open in Florida

ThinkGeek is preparing to step out of its online-only niche, with US retailer GameStop opening a physical storefront in Florida in just a few weeks. Plans are already in the works for more outlets – but no word on anything outside of America just yet.

Timmy the ThinkGeek mascot is likely to be in stores

Timmy the ThinkGeek mascot is likely to be in stores

It’s not an unexpected jump: Retail giant GameStop bought the internet darling in June this month. ThinkGeek president Katy McCarthy describes the new store as a “significant milestone” for the brand:

While people know us today as an online retailer, the GameStop connection will bring vastly more visibility to the brand and our ever expanding selection of exclusive products.

The new stores will stock items from the traditional ThinkGeek range (although it’s unlikely to sell the extensive full catalogue), featuring pop culture merchandise spanning games, film, tv and comics, as well as more generalised geek bits and pieces.

GameStop is the parent company of EB Games in Australia, so a localised ThinkGeek retailer is not out of the question, however with EB Games opening its Zing Pop Culture-branded stores, we’re not sure how likely that jump is. Sorry.

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