Nexon sets sights on the West with another strategic partnership

Not content with essentially dominating the Asian online market, Nexon is coming to the West in full force. With titles like Splash Damage’s Dirty Bomb and Boss Key Production’s LawBreakers already under their belt, Nexon America has now entered into a partnership with the newly formed QC Games.

Nexon Published Dirty bomb

Nexon Published Dirty bomb

Now, I hear you already. “Who the hell are QC Games?” you say “It’s not like they developed Quake Wars or have the ever charismatic Cliffy B heading things!” you add on- knowing my admiration for that glorious bastard. Well, QC are kinda like the X-Men. Separately they all kick ass and together, well, together they’re primed to do something uncanny.

Using the quickest visual way to display their awesome, here, have some bullet points!

– Gabe Amatangelo: Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer. Was just casually the creative director of Shadow Realms and previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

– Brian Matt: Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer. No big deal, just worked on Wolfenstein: Tides of War, Doom 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shadow Realms.

– Jason Rotan: Chief Operating Officer. Pfft, just launched and maintained a wide range of AAA titles in multiple genres with companies including NC Soft, EA and Bioware.

– Pat Ditterline: Senior Engineer. Bro worked previously on Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

– Stefan Lednicky: Senior Engineer. Just a long-time Bioware veteran you say. Well, say no more! (But I will, dude worked on Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Shadow Realms and Star Wars: The Old Republic)

– Marcus Hays: Senior Engineer, who has the Titan Quest franchise, The Sims and Dragon Age to his name.

– Pedro Toledo: Art Director. He only worked on a couple of pretty ass games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shadow Realms, Dragon Age, RockBand and Fable 2.

With talent like this and the magic of freedom bestowed on them, this is definitely a watch this space kinda deal!

Don’t take my word for it? Well, I’ll leave you with what the president and chief executive officer of Nexon has to say: “With this team of veterans [..] at QC Games have played a part in creating some of the world’s most successful games, and we’re looking forward to helping them bring another hit title to market.”

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