ESL opens Australian office to promote local eSports

eSports in Australia has just been given a hefty boost, as ESL teams up with Australian Cyber League. The partnership will help promote eSports in the region – something companies like Riot Games, Blizzard and Wargaming have been trying to do for years.

League of Legends recently took over Sydney's Luna Park

League of Legends recently took over Sydney’s Luna Park

Despite its seemingly low-profile, the ACL has been around since 2006, operating as a technical events agency for the past four years. The league has worked with Riot and Blizzard to run local Oceanic region qualifiers for both publishers’ World Championships, and is looking to support even more games in the future.

Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director at ACL, says the deal “makes great sense”:

We have long been looking up to ESL as the global leader in the space, producing some of world’s best eSports events. This partnership will allow us to level up the current eSports offering and truly put our region on the map.

eSports is largely ignored in Australia, which is disappointing as the country has created some of the world’s best and brightest gamers. Australian CS:GO team Renegades knocked out crowd favourite Titan at the recent ESL tournament in Cologne.

Sebastian Weishaar, ESL‘s Senior VP of International Business, thinks there is more talent lurking around the land Down Under:

We consistently see Oceanic teams compete in major competitions, such as Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One, against teams from more established regions. With our new partnership, we’re committed to giving the Oceanic region a fairer shot at major international competition by giving them more opportunities to compete at a higher level within their own countries.

Moving forward, ACL will continue to look after its existing clients, while ESL is setting up a new office in Sydney.

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