Aussies miss out on Mad Max movie pack on Steam

If you want to know the full story before jumping into Avalanche Studios brand new Mad Max outing, the team at Steam is here to help. All four of the cult classic Mad Max films are now available for purchase and download via the digital distribution service, in glorious high definition – as long as you’re in the right part of the world.

Mad Max (the game, that is), isn’t a gaming adaptation of any one movie, instead boasting an original storyline set in the same post-apocalyptic world as the films.

…but, if you really want to get into the proper, wasteland-y headspace, you probably should reacquaint yourself with a very dusty Mel Gibson, Tina Turner and Tom Hardy, in Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and the brand new Mad Max: Fury Road.

Jim Wuthrich, president of Americas, Warner Bros Home Entertainment explains:

Steam is a great partner for Warner Bros. Together we can offer fans a great, immersive film and interactive experience. Steam is the ideal place to launch both the fantastic new title from Avalanche as well as the full collection of films together.

As mentioned, you do need to be in the right geographical location to take full advantage of the deal. Steam gamers in the US, Canada, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and much of Europe are now available to purchase the game and movies “in a variety of packages and price points”. Spain, Germany, Norway, France and the UK are set to follow later this month (you can buy the packages now, but Fury Road isn’t available just yet), while it looks like Australia and New Zealand are being roundly ignored.

Doug Lombardi from Valve agrees:

Just about every gamer is a fan of the Mad Max anthology. From the original to the amazing ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ these titles have captured the imagination of film and gaming fans alike. As Steam’s library of games and movies continue to grow, the Mad Max game and film anthology represent major offerings for the platform.

The Mad Max titles join the 100 films that have been added to Steam since March, with still more on the way.

To see if Mad Max and his entourage are available to you, please visit

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