Cliffy B counts down to The Shattering

Cliff Bleszinski is back… well, nearly. He’s coming back this week, according to Nexon and a new website teasing something called The Shattering.

The Shattering (does this look like Santa Monica to you?)

The Shattering (does this look like Santa Monica to you?)

The Shattering is something to do with the first game in the works from Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions – but it’s not the new name for what we’ve been calling Project Bluestreak.

Not one to simply throw up a countdown clock, we’re also told to expect a number of reveal events scheduled this week. Set your watches for 12pm Eastern (What’s that in my timezone?), that’s when stuff’s set to happen on both Monday and Tuesday, before the big one on Wednesday.

Publisher Nexon is telling fans to “prepare for shattering”, and Boss Key community manager Rohan Rivas chimes in:

Over the next few days, there’s going to be a lot of ‘information’ revealed about The Shattering and we want YOU to weigh in, react, participate and help us build a community from scratch.

…but remember, it’s not the name of the game. Could it be the event that leads to the game? Could it be a game from Boss Key without Bleszinski’s involvement? Could it be a game engine, rather than a game?

Bluestreak is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter, first revealed more than a year ago.

We’ve got just over two days before we find out more… stay tuned! (In the meantime, The Shattering website also includes an area for “Alpha Testers”, so that might be worth looking into, if you’d like to get in on some early gameplay action!)

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