How many babies have been born in Fallout Shelter?

You might think you’ve played “uncountable” hours of Fallout Shelter since the game launched in June, but someone at Bethesda has been keeping track. This new infographic explains Fallout Shelter “by the numbers” – like the fact that nearly 65 million dwellers have been sent out to the Wasteland (and 21 million died there).

Other nifty stats: 85 million Vaults have been created, and they’ve suffered 42 million Raider attacks and 118 million Radroach infestations. On the bright side, 82 million babies have been born, so life can’t be all that bad.

Fallout Shelter by the numbers

Fallout Shelter by the numbers
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The details all refer to the first month that Fallout Shelter was on sale – so these numbers are only for iOS gamers. If we were to see an updated infographic next month that takes Android fans into account, the numbers will be even higher… we wonder if Bethesda is now regretting making the game free-to-play.

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