Double Fine, Obsidian, inXile create new crowdfunding platform

There’s a new crowdfunding platform on the scene – and it’s one with serious roots in the games industry. Tim Schafer and Justin Bailey from Double Fine have teamed up with Obsidian‘s Feargus Urquhart and inXile‘s Brian Fargo to create Fig, a new project set up to go head-to-head with big-name sites like Kickstarter.

The Fig Board

The Fig Board

There’s at least one big difference between Fig and more conventional, Kickstarter-esque platforms: If you contribute money to a game’s development, when that game comes to market, you’ll get a portion of its earnings.

At the moment, you’ll need to be an accredited investor if you want to see any financial reward for your pledges – if you’re not, you can still back projects and enjoy more standard bonuses (like copies of the games, as usual).

Bailey has signed up as the new company’s CEO, while Fargo, Schafer and Urquhart are onboard as advisors, offering mentoring to those using the platform. All three companies have enough faith in Fig that they have announced they’ll use its services for future crowdfunding efforts.

That said, the platform’s first campaign is from a completely different group of people: Outer Wilds, a new game from Mobius Digital, the development studio started by Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from Heroes). With a relatively modest US$125,000 goal, the studio wants to improve the overall quality of the game, which won the Seumas McNally grand prize at this year’s Independent Games Festival. You can fund it now by visiting the campaign site.

…as for the name of this new service? Fig has officially been named after the Hotel Figueroa, a popular meeting place during E3, located conveniently near the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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