Australian ex-SAS joins the Dirty Bomb roster

Splash Damage has introduced the newest Merc to its Dirty Bomb lineup – Redeye, a reconnaissance and battlefield controller fresh from a stint in the Australian SAS.

With his IR goggles and smoke grenades, Redeye is the perfect counterpoint to the often-invisible Phantom, as he can see through the haze to pick off enemies.

The dossier on Redeye’s lengthy service in the Australian SAS is a thick one. Time after time he earned field promotions for outstanding bravery, until being busted back down to Trooper for insubordination, or refusal to follow orders, or both. By the time of his discharge for “knowing too much about everyone in the regiment”, he had an average rank of corporal, but no pension. Now that he’s taken to the private sector he’s his own boss for a change. Too bad his sole employee is a total buffoon who hates his waste-of-space boss.

Bringing skills to the battlefield that make his team more efficient while upsetting the enemy’s plans for attack and defence, Redeye specialises in mid- to long-range combat.

He brandishes a smoke grenade – “the pinnacle of non-lethal battlefield control” – that creates a large cloud of vision-blocking smoke in the area. Sure, the smoke will dissipate in time, but if you want to see clearly, set off some explosives near the smoke. If you’re fighting against Redeye, you’ll want to be quick, because his IR goggles are the only things that can see through the smoke (any enemies near the center of Redeye’s vision will be Spotted hen he’s wearing the goggles – including invisible Phantoms).

Redeye also brings an impressive new Grandeur SR rifle and the impressive curved-blade Kukri melee weapon – and he’s the only Merc able to use either.

The newest Merc is available in Dirty Bomb right now, if you want to check him out – the Redeye update has also brought a number of tweaks and changes to the game. Dirty Bomb is 100% free-to-play and exclusively available on Windows PC via Steam.

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