Zombi officially revealed for PS4, Xbox One + PC

Last month, the Australian Classification Board updated its database with a reference to a mysterious game in the works at Ubisoft. Now, the publisher has finally taken the wraps off of Zombi – and it’s exactly what we thought it would be.

ZombiU was a Wii U exclusive, released back in 2012 for the motion-sensing console, but it hasn’t moved on since there – until now! Retitled Zombi (for obvious reasons), the first-person survivor horror game is headed to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. We’re promised upgraded graphics and refined gameplay, but otherwise this should be a tidied-up version of the game we played a few years ago.

Remember, Zombi gives you one life to live – when you die, you’re gone for good. Each character carries a bug-out bag, containing a few bits and pieces of survival gear (with more added as you move throughout the game). When you die, however, the bag is dropped and someone else can stumble upon it and claim all the goodies.

As for you though, your chances of survival aren’t much better: When you geti infected, you die, and drop your precious bag.

The point of the exercise is to determine whether gamers are going for the instant gratification of staying alive, or if they’re still happy to rush in, guns blazing, and take everybody out before they have a chance to fight back.

…the next choice: Do you want to go back to you body to recover your bug-out bag, or do you just want to start over again? Remember, there may well be a you-shaped zombie lurking in the ruins!

Zombi is headed to Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One from August 18, 2015 as a digital-only download – stay tuned for more details!

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