King K. Rool + Chrom hit Smash 4 today!

Hey, you there! Are you still playing Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U? Or did that recent furore about whether or not custom moves should be allowed in professional competition turn you away? No, it’s okay. I get it. If you’re still here, sweet! There are some cool things coming and if you’ve left? Well, hey there’s some cool things coming that might bring you back!

A legendary redditor by the name of kamennootoko (cheers legend!) has translated the recent tweets of the Japanese SmashBros account and revealed a couple of changes are on the way this Friday the 31st.

First, hold onto your banana-shaped hats, because KING K. ROOL IS NOW IN SMASH BROS.*

King K. Rool!

King K. Rool!

*as a costume.

Yeah, okay that does seem like a sneaky headline now doesn’t it? The crown-and-cape-wearing King of the Kremlings that plays villain in the tie-wearing gorilla game Donkey Kong is coming to Smash 4 this Friday, the 31st of July (check your consoles) as a DLC custom costume for your Mii Fighter. Some are a little salty with this development, hoping that King K. Rool may have been a fully playable character, but at this stage it’s not to be.

Tagging along with him is a costume for the hero of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Chrom! Lastly, the wardrobe will also expand with additional costumes to be announced shortly!

In addition, the Tourney Mode, that was announced sometime back in June, is being added and it looks like it will work similarly to previous iterations, whereby you can set up and play tournaments however you like – and of course the Smash Bros. team are going to be running tourneys as well! Lastly, two classic N64 castle-based levels, Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle, are being added and that will hopefully warm the hearts of those nostalgic for simpler times.

When we get more information about local release dates, we will keep you updated!

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