The Last of Us gets a gorgeous vinyl soundtrack release

With very little dissent, I think it’s fair to say The Last of Us was easily one of the greatest games to grace the library of the PS3. The game was thought provoking, the visuals stunning and the soundtrack- although at times subtle- encapsulated and complimented the mood perfectly.

Sweet dulcet tones of depression...

Sweet dulcet tones of depression…

It’s probably not hard to figure out where this is going- as you did click on the article title- but if you need Gustavo Santaolalla’s score in flawless analogue audio to punctuate your life decisions, then good news!

A four-disk vinyl release, encased in beautiful packaging, nay, encased in art created by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw, is soon to be released by Mondo Music. The collection will feature the original soundtrack from the PlayStation game, a full selection of audio cues and the music from 2014 expansion Left Behind. If you’ve already pulled out your wallet and started desperately throwing singles at the screen, calm down a smidge. It’ll be available to purchase on the 22 July and will set you back $75. So, plenty of time to sell a kidney, right?

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