Goodbye, Origin account! Oh, begrudging hello, EA account.

Raise of hands, who here likes Origin accounts? Nobody? Thought so. Well, guess what? They’re getting the flick! But don’t celebrate just yet, it’s only a branding rename. Your Origin Account is soon going to metamorphose into an EA Account, according to an email being sent out to members.

The caption says it all...

The caption says it all…

“In the coming weeks your Origin Account will be renamed to an EA Account to better represent all of EA’s games and services,” the email warned.

“Your account identity, preferences, and order history will remain unchanged. You will continue to use this account and the same login credentials to access all EA games, web sites, and services, including Origin.”

Before we all collectively freak about our Dragon Age save files again, a representative from EA has reached out to PC Gamer to assure everyone the change will have no effect on users.

“We have changed our player account branding from Origin to EA to represent all of the EA properties and services our players use to interact with us,” the company said.

No word yet on whether the the client or storefront will undergo a re-branding in tandem with the account changes but it would make sense.

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