Everyone be cool! Your P.T demo is safe!

True fact: The Internet loves rumors and fear mongering.
With that in mind, reports have been making the rounds that the Silent Hills demo, P.T, is being automatically removed from folks PS4s.

I still love you Lisa

I still love you Lisa

Now before y’all frantically yank the Ethernet cables out of your PS4s, take a beat. It ain’t true. A spokesperson for Konami has told the website VG247 that P.T is in no way being removed from PS4 owners’ consoles, despite reports in the press and- surprise, surprise- social media.

Konami said that some users may have accidentally deleted the demo- unfortunately with no way to download it again- but there is no system in place that allows Konami or big bad Sony to automatically delete content on a users’ console.

Take it from me, as a man that treasures that demo, it’s perfectly safe. Mine’s been there since the day it was available and it’s still there now. So if you’ve got it, boot it up and remember how Konami used to make good games…

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