Looks like they're making a live-action Mighty No. 9 movie

In what’s amounting to a corporate ménage à trois, Legendary Digital Media, Contradiction Films and video game developer Comcept Inc are shacking up to produce a live-action feature-length Mighty No. 9 flick for digital platforms.

Beck looking straight up bad ass!

Beck looking straight up bad ass!

Mighty No. 9– created and designed by a living legend Keiji Inafune– revolves around a android called Beck, who’s a member of the ten robots that make up the “Mighty Numbers”. In a cruel and totally unpredictable twist of fate, a computer virus fucks with their circuits and causes them to go on a destruction spree and it’s left up to Beck to save the day.

Okay. I’m not gonna even try to hide it. It’s Mega Man. In saying that, Inafune did create the Blue Bomber and to see something resembling my boy on the big / small screen would be rad.

Legendary Digital and Contradiction Films previously worked together on the live-action adaptation of Dead Rising for Sony’s online streaming service Crackle. Apparently it did well enough to warrant Crackle ordering a sequel, so that’s good news.

No timeline has been announced for the film adaptation but Mighty No. 9 will drop on every conceivable platform on September 15 in the U.S and three days later on September 18 in every other territory.

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