Street Fighter V beta shoryukens onto PS4 this month!

Come July 23, all those signed up for the Street Fighter V beta on PS4 will be unleashed to let fists fly and spam hadokens, using six characters over 3 stages!

Four of those fighters (Ryu, Chun-li, M. Bison and Charlie) will be available immediately to kick ass and take names with, with Cammy and Birdie joining the beta roster on July 25. The reason for this, according to Capcom, is to test the games content delivery system. Undoubtedly for all that palette swap DLC we’ve become accustomed to.

Chun-Li kicking ass!

Chun-Li kicking ass!

Another heads up- so that you don’t get bummed out once in the beta- there will be no local multiplayer at this stage. Capcom have stated that the purpose of this beta is to really only test the online functionality.

Upon booting up the beta, pick your fighter wisely. As once you’ve locked in your choice you won’t be able to change to a different character before heading into an online bout. Once selected, your fighter will be taken to a training mode until an opponent is found. Once another player is matched up, testers will be transported back to the versus screen, a stage will be picked and the match will start.

I think he's pissed...

I think he’s pissed…

On that note, the stages we’ll have available to gawk at whilst getting combo’d will consist of Bustling Side Street (China), Terminal Station (London) and the Forgotten Waterfall (New Zealand) stage. Adding to the locations our fighters will jet set, producer Yoshinori Ono recently announced the newest stage will be based in Brazil. Not stopping there, Ono also teased that the newest edition to the roster would be announced at Brazil Game show. It could be Shaun but my money’s on Blanka. Both fighters hail from Brazil but the green beast man is one of Ono’s favorites. Damn, does the man know how to do fan service!

Oh, if you’re one of the hardcore guys that’s all about the stick, I’ve got bad news. PS3 fight stick functionality isn’t available but it is however being evaluated “for the final product.”

If you haven’t already signed up for the beta (which will run for 5 days), head over to Capcom Unity if it sounds like your cup of tea! Oh, and don’t fret PC Master Race. Your beta is expected sometime in the fall.

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