Everything's coming up Milhouse! Harry Shearer re-signs for Simpsons 27th season

For a while there, the 27th season of The Simpsons looked like it was going to have to do some recasting or serious killing off of fan-favorite characters like Mr Burns and stupid sexy Flanders. However the crisis has been averted, with voice actor Harry Shearer re-signing for the next 2 seasons.

Burns is back, with more money than ever!

Burns is back, with more money than ever!

Back in May, Shearer announced his departure from the series via the magic of Twitter, claiming he wanted “the freedom to do other work”. But FOX still have plenty of blood to squeeze from this stone, reportedly offering Shearer the same deal as his co-stars, which is just a casual $300,000 per episode.

Whether you’re in the camp of jumping for joy like you’re full of a jumbo Twenty-One Syrup Salute Squishee or baffled that every week they still trot out the lifeless carcass of the once best sitcom ever to air, everyone can expect more of The Simpsons. Production on season 27 has already begun, with the premier episode screening in the U.S on September 27.

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