Holy crap! Fallout Mystery Mini Figures coming September!

Can’t wait till November to get your sweet, sweet post-apocalyptic fix with the release of Bethesda’s Fallout 4? Well, good news awaits, wastelander! IGN reports that Funko (maker of an assortment of geeky wonders) have announced a line of Fallout-themed “Mystery Minis” coming in September.

It worked once. Maybe it'll work again?!

It worked once. Maybe it’ll work again?!

The figures will be small (measuring roughly 2 inches), vinyl made and come in blind-box packaging. And before you more passionate collectors start tiptoeing into anxiety born aneurysm territory at the though of not getting them all, relax! The figures will packaged at a 1:12 ratio, giving everyone equal chance of grabbing the ones they want.

I have spurs, they jingle jangle jingle! Jingle jangle!

I have spurs, they jingle jangle jingle! Jingle jangle!

The list of figures ranges from Perks like Black Widow and Nerd Rage!, to mainstays like Super Mutants and a Tunnel Snake. Tunnel Snakes rule! Sorry, couldn’t help myself there. All 12 figures have been unveiled and are available for your viewing and salivating pleasure.

Get ready to empty your pockets of bottle caps at your local outlet come September!

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