Take out a loan kids. New limited edition Destiny PS4 announced

Love Destiny? Casually collect PS4 consoles? Or just feel like making a ‘totally’ worthwhile speculator buy? Then hot diggity damn, has Activison and Sony just announced the thing for you! How does a new limited edition Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle sound? And before you’re all like “they already did that, dude!”, let me interject. I said ‘new’ bundle.

Damn that crisp white finish...

Damn that crisp white finish…

Okay, so what’s new? Well, the console’s still the same “glacier white” 500GB model with matching controller from the last bundle, but get this, now the top-right segment is imprinted with Destiny’s map of the cosmos in gray and the Guardian seal in gold! Mind blown, right? No? Okay, well it also comes with physical copy of the Legendary Edition of The Taken King, a copy of the O.G Destiny and the O.G’s first two expansions.

So basically this bundle is great if you didn’t buy the last Destiny PS4 bundle, want the most expensive version possible of The Taken King or straight up love Destiny on a level not even experienced by your friends or family. Sony is yet to announce a price for the bundle but if they’re pricing it anything like the usual limited edition console prices we can expect it to be around the $560 mark. The bundle is slated to drop the same day as The Taken king on September 15.

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