CD Projekt RED: Don't download new DLC for The Witcher 3!

Hold your horses. We know, we know, you’re (still) super excited about The Witcher 3, and we know that a batch of new DLC has just popped up for console. But please… take a deep breath – CD Projekt RED has asked very nicely if you could maybe not download it, just yet.

The Witcher 3: A better look for Ciri

The Witcher 3: A better look for Ciri

Last week’s update was expected to contain two new pieces of content – a quest named Where the Cat and Wolf Play and an eagerly-anticipated new look for playable character Ciri – but for most people, only the quest arrived. Turns out the second chunk did hit the Xbox Live marketplace, so some people were able to download it, but CDPR explains this was a bit of a slip up on their part.

Witcher community manager Marcin Momot explained via Twitter:

This DLC became available prematurely via XBL – wasn’t ready. We advise against using it until it releases officially.

Momot doesn’t say why the studio advises against using it, but if the content’s not ready, who knows what accidental bugs could have been left in the code? If you’re impatient now and download the new content because you can’t wait to see the new Ciri, you could lose your savegame – and that would be a tragedy!

Unfortunately, we don’t know how long you’ll need to be patient for just yet, but we’re thinking this week sounds good (and pretty likely). CD Projekt RED has been releasing great new stuff for the game in the 8 weeks since The Witcher 3 launched, and it’s still teasing a big surprise or two, so we’re quite happy to wait a while for a new costume. Aren’t you?

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