Assassin's Creed movie snags The Wire actor

The news from that Assassin’s Creed movie continues to trickle out ever-so-slowly – and while we still don’t know too much about the storyline, at least we know more about who we’ll be looking at. This week’s announcement: Michael K. Williams, from The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.

Michael K. Williams in The Gambler

Michael K. Williams in The Gambler

Williams – best known for his roles as Omar Little and Chalky White – has also signed up for a supporting role in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

It’s not known what sort of role he’ll play in either film, but he will shoot Ghostbusters first (the film is currently in production), before moving on to Assassin’s Creed with Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and newly-announced Ariane Labed. Sources close to Variety suggest that Williams’ character has “a major stake in the franchise” – while his role is listed as “supporting” for the initial film, it’s expected to be bumped up to the equivalent of a co-star spot alongside Fassbender in the almost-inevitable sequel.

…now, that’s all well and good, but if only we knew what was going to happen in the movie, we’d be even more excited!

Thanks to VG247 for spotting this!

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