Australia's first queer gaming convention hits in 2016

The Australian gaming calendar’s just gotten a little busier with the addition of GX Australia. Australia’s “first queer gaming convention” will bring the popular GX festival from San Francisco to Sydney.

GX Australia

GX Australia

Currently in the early stages of planning, GX Australia is planned for February 27-28 – one week before the internationally-renowned Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

It’s been created as a safe space for “gamers, geeks and allies whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity”, says Director Joshua Meadows, who is working with our own Liam Esler to produce the event.

We want to create an opportunity for people who feel out of place at mainstream gaming and pop culture conferences the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, hang out with others like them, and have fun without worrying that they might be made to feel unwelcome.

A number of developers, publishers and “interested parties” have already signed up to help make the first GX Australia special (including providing funding for the show), and there are plans to sell early-bird tickets via a crowd-funding project.

If the 2016 event is a success, the team already has dreams of making GX Australia a yearly event – “We’ve got our fingers crossed that the Australian gamer community is as receptive and interested as the US one has been,” says Meadows.

Incidentally, the San Francisco event was launched as GaymerX but has since been rebranded simply as GX, to avoid confusion among its audience, many of whom interpreted the name as targeting only gay men, or being unwelcoming to people who don’t identify as being part of the LGBT/queer community.

For more information – or to find out how you can support GX Australia, head to the new website, or Like the event’s Facebook page!

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