Club Nintendo has closed its doors in North America

The day is finally here – Nintendo‘s rewards program Club Nintendo has officially closed its doors in North America, posting a simple poignant image to mark its passing.

Club Nintendo says goodbye

Club Nintendo says goodbye

If you currently have download codes from Club Nintendo, you’ve still got a few weeks to redeem them for physical rewards – all North American codes will expire on July 31, and the last batch of mail will be shipped out by the end of September. Nintendo has also shared a detailed FAQ, if you have things you still need answered.

By the way, if you’re in Europe, Australia or Japan, you still have a little while longer – Club Nintendo is clinging on there until September 30.

…however, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of a program like Club Nintendo from the hardware giant – the sombre Mario image also promises “more information about our new loyalty program”. We’re hearing that there should be a replacement program launched later this year, targetting Wii U, 3DS, PCs and mobile phones, as well as – when it arrives – the mysterious new platform codenamed NX.

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